About Lillabee

Lillabee’s mission is to give everyone worry-free comfort foods worthy of celebration.

We do this by offering a unique product line free from many of the most common food allergens (wheat, dairy, soy and oats) that still taste just like the classic desserts and breakfast treats we all know and love.

We want to empower all the countless home bakers; both accomplished and novice, who have worries about food allergies and sensitivities by offering them a product that is both easy to prepare and memorably delicious.

The seeds of what would become Lillabee were sown when its founder Indea Leo was diagnosed with a long list of food allergies in 2007. No longer able to enjoy her favorite desserts and breakfasts, Indea, a skilled and avid baker, was forced to recreate all of her favorite recipes to accommodate her new dietary restrictions. Over the subsequent years she teamed up with her entrepreneurial husband Jared Lovenduski, refined and perfected the recipes, created the Lillabee brand, and released the products to an enthusiastic public at the Boulder Farmers Market in April 2010.

Lillabee is based in sunny Boulder Colorado where the Leo-Lovenduski’s, their daughter Violet and their 1982 Kenmore oven (which is where this all started) make their home.