Hey there Lilla-friends,

I wanted to let all of you know about an amazing global event happening on Saturday. It’s called Food Revolution Day! Jaime Oliver, from the Food Network, is on a mission to get the junk out of our food supply and raise awareness of food related disease. Lillabee, your local all-natural, allergy friendly, non-GMO certified baking mix company, is on board to help him in this ever so important cause!

We have been invited by Robyn O’Brien, a Boulder mother of four and founder of the Allergy Kids Foundation, to participate as she hosts a booth at the Boulder Farmer’s Market called Food Swap / Dump the Junk.

Please join us and the Boulder Food Revolution team by bringing any piece of junk food, processed food, fake food (you know, the kind with high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial colors and flavors) to swap it out for some real food (the kind that comes from nature or has nothing but ingredients that you can pronounce).

In exchange for your junk food, you will bring home produce and products from some of  Boulder’s most amazing companies, local farms and vendors including Lillabee.  The event will include fun and games for the little ones and an adult-sized spelling bee sure to leave you absolutely stumped (at 11 am).

To learn more about Food Revolution Day and the mission of the Jamie Oliver Foundation, check out this inspiring video by Jamie himself: Food Revolution Day

This is an event you and your family won’t want to miss. There will be all kinds of fun games, prizes and give-aways. We hope to see you there!