lillabee-ultimate-cookie-mixWho loves cookies?
Our hands are up!

That’s why we created our Ultimate Cookie Mix to be the ideal foundation for endless possibilities.

Now the only question is: Which cookie will you bake today? Ultimate Taste, Ultimate Versatility, Ultimate Satisfaction.

Cookie Shangri-la!

lillabee-fudgy-brownie-mixWhat’s more American than
apple pie? Brownies of course!

Truth is, brownies are actually the bona fide American confection. In honor of that heritage we crafted our Lillabee Fudgy Brownie Mix to make the ideal brownie; Rich chocolaty flavor in harmony with a sublime texture that solves the whole cakey vs. fudgy thing too. Full brownie points earned with merit!

lillabee-perfect-pancake-waffle-mixDo you have pancake passion? Join the club! Our appetite for griddle cakes led us to seek out the best from Tonawanda to Thailand.

That’s why we crafted our Lillabee Perfect Pancake/ Waffle Mix to nourish your body, delight your palate and become the pantry staple for incredible taste and wholesome nutrition.

Your griddle awaits!


Are you ready to fall in love?

We know that love is fickle food and only the finest will suffice. That’s why we crafted our Finest Chocolate Cake Mix to win the hearts of chocolate lovers far and wide.

The finest extra brute cocoa coupled with superb ingredients, marry a moist tender crumb to a rich decadent flavor… A true love story, in chocolate form!


A celebration without cake?
No way, we say!

The universal symbol of joy, cake says “You are special, we love you!”. That’s why we crafted our Classic Yellow Cake Mix to be worthy of honoring hopes, dreams and aspirations. The light airy crumb and moist rich flavor make this cake a classic redefined. Let’s celebrate!


When is the best time for a muffin?
Anytime of course!

Wholesome enough for breakfast, fine enough for dessert; these tasty little crowned cakes are just waiting to satisfy.

A muffin most enjoyed…


We crafted Lillabee Everyday All Purpose Flour to be the new standard in your pantry and a true one-for-one replacement for all other flours. One might say you could use it… everyday!

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