choc chip cake pops close upSo, I had this great recipe idea. Lillabee twinkies!! I mean, you can’t go wrong with twinkies, right? Well, I went wrong. Very wrong! It turns out that although my first attempt at a Lillabee twinkie was very tasty and super cute, the Lillabee twinkie just didn’t taste like a real twinkie. For one, twinkies are a moist and springy sponge cake. I used the lillabee classic yellow cake mix, which is a gf/df version of a classic buttermilk cake. While they did turn out pretty tasty, I am back to the drawing board for a true sponge cake recipe. 

cake pops w logo


But none-the-less, a lesson learned… when life gives you a flopped twinkie recipe, make cake pops! And I’m so glad I did, because these little gems are superlative!! And don’t worry, I’m working with our new Lillabee Everyday All Purpose Flour blend to come up with a better twinkie recipe…  I will nail that twinkie recipe yet! Stay tuned. In the meantime, give these little cuties a try. They rock!

Step One: Bake Cake

Step Two: Crumble Cake, Stir in 1 cup of Frosting & 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

mix cake frosting and chips

Step Three: Use an medium icecream scoop to measure out portions of 1 1/2 Tb each. Roll into balls.

roll into balls

Step Three: Melt chocolate in microwave or on a double boiler until smooth. Dip lollipop stick into the chocolate, then insert into center of cake pop dough balls. Let chill for 30 minutes in the freezer.cake pops how to


Step Four: Dip entire cake pop into melted chocolate. 

dip in choc horizontal

Step Five: Sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips or other garnish on immediately. Allow to cool on wax paper. You may need to transfer to refrigerator to get the chocolate shell to set up.

cake pop

Step Six: ENJOY!!


close up center

As for the Lillabee Twinkies? Still on my “TO DO LIST”!