Hey there chocolate mint lovers!

Here is a fun and simple twist on our already delicious fudgy brownies. These double chocolate mint brownies remind me of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, only chewy… YUMMY!

The trick to making them really minty is in the peppermint oil. It turns out that not all peppermint oil extracts are created equally. My friend and pastry chef, Kim Boos at Tee&Cakes clued me in on this. Kim recommended Lorann Oils Natural Peppermint Oil available locally in Boulder at Peppercorn or online. But take caution… This stuff is CONCENTRATED! It even says on the bottle “keep out of reach of children”. A few drops goes a long way toward mint chocolate perfection.

Prepare brownies as directed on the back of the box, mix in 1/8 tsp of peppermint oil with the vanilla. Add chocolate chips with the contents of cocoa bag. Bake as directed. And remember, brownies are always best when slightly under-done. I always take them out early, then let cool completely to get them to set up (even though it’s hard to resist diving right in when they are warm and gooey).

Happy Baking!