Hands down, our best supporters to date have been the fine folks at Whole Foods. From the Rocky Mountain Regional office to the store team members, they rock! Especially our friends at the Pearl Street store. From gorgeous end caps to the 4×4 foot poster of our family that was featured in their local vendor profiles, we are forever grateful for all that Whole Foods has done to help our little Lillabee.

I have recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Dana Villiers, the Cooking Coach for the Pearl Street Whole Foods store for some of their in house cooking classes. Dana is awesome! In addition to her work in the Pearl St store, she also contributes recipes and blog entries to Cooking Boulder, a wonderful online recipe resource. She has so much passion for her work and she is incredibly creative. When I asked her why she is so excited about her job, she told me this: 

“My goal is to share my passion and love affair with food with our community.  I want to help people feel at home in their own kitchens and learn whatever I can about food. Cooking Boulder is a community based recipe share website for the home cook.”

I am so honored that she would include Lillabee, but I wondered why she loves baking with Lillabee, even though she doesn’t have food allergies. She said: “I don’t have to eat Allergy-Free, I am one of the lucky ones. Lillabee is the only gluten free product I have ever tried that fools and satisfies everyone”. Wow! What a complement! Thanks, Dana!

Last week, Dana created this recipe from a box of Lillabee Anytime Muffin Mix. Here’s what she wanted to share about her inspiration for the recipe…

“I had donut holes on my mind and wanted to make a bite size snack that would amaze people.  I took the Lillabee Pumpkin Pecan Tea Bread recipe using the Anytime Muffin Mix , rolled them into balls then into cinnamon sugar mix.  Not quite donut holes, more like mini muffin tops.  They were good enough to eat for dessert, and the satisfaction of turning people on to something new never gets old!”

Thanks so much, Dana! I’m looking forward to creating something very special for Valentine’s day to share on the Cooking Boulder website. Stay tuned Lillafans!!

Also, check out this post on Cooking Boulder for Lillabee Gingerbread Cake with MMLocal Pear Compote.